The TICC ushering and protocol team manage the flow of people in and out of church. They maintain security and provide surveillance services within the auditorium before, during and after church services. They lead guest welcome and ensure that each guest has a wonderful church experience. The team usually has greeters stationed at the entrances before and after our Sunday services to welcome guests and members to church. Ultimately, they assure order is maintained during worship services. They are the smiling faces who give the church a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, especially to first timers.

The Connect and Pastoral Service Unit is in charge of hosting the church first time guests to a short reception, after each Sunday service. They are responsible for leading subsequent follow up of the first time guests and they manage the church membership database. They receive and process guest information data in line with data privacy standards. They lead the daily pastoral ministry and ensure every member of TICC is more than a number, through routine follow up and pastoral care.

Every worshipper’s service experience begins from the car park. The traffic control unit strives to create beautiful first experiences for worshippers by ensuring free flow of vehicular traffic during the services to ease movement. They manage the parking of cars within the car park and also carry out security surveillance in and around the car park during services.

The Finance and facility management service unit oversees the church finance management and the management of the church facilities ensuring equipment and materials are in good serviceable condition. The carry out routine health and safety checks in the church facility and assure a clean and presentable environment for all services. They also drive maintenance of the church facility and equipment (both in and outside the church auditorium).

RORA stands for “reach one, reach all”. This service e unit exists to minister to the lost, the hopeless and the incarcerated by reaching out to them with the good news of Jesus Christ. The team reaches out to the lost and incarcerated with love, give them hope and help to restore their mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Where required, they help the unjustly incarcerated by offering legal services and guidance. They also assist the less privileged members of our community, by empowering them spiritually and physically through the word of God and consistent mentorship.

Bezalel is a service unit of TICC responsible for creating a beautiful service experience by supporting in house sound, camera, live streaming, media management and editing video recordings. The team ensures the capture of stellar still and motion graphics for church communications. The team also manages the maintenance of equipment related to the audio and video support systems. The team liaises with Tehilla Tribe (church choir) to make the praise and worship at church services interactive and exciting. At Bezalel, we strive for excellence as we constantly push the boundaries to provide the best in-house and online viewer experience.

A family of singers, musicians and recording artistes with a passion for God and music. They express love for God through different genres of music and at every service, they lead the church into God’s presence through inspired praise and worship.

We believe that prayer and intercession is critical to the health of the church. Tefillah nation is the service unit that provides a prayer cover for the church and all her events. They also help to create  an environment where everyone can build their prayer lives. The mission of Tefillah nation is to get everyone praying, because prayer is the master key.

This service unit is responsible for taking believers from the outer circle to the core, through the scheduling and teaching of Membership, Maturity, Ministry and Missions classes. They support the vision of TICC, by helping the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry.

This unit teaches the word of God to children for the age of 3years to pre-teen in a fun and child-friendly environment. The classes are structured according to age and all our teachers have some experience with the different age groups.

This is the teens church of TICC, Responsible for teaching, mentoring and engaging the teenagers in TICC. We teach them the word of God in a practical way and combine this with teachings on life skills, to help our teens grow into responsible adults, ready to make their mark on the earth.

We provide counselling to members of the Church who are in need of such after the each service every Sunday and at any other time as required. Also provide marriage counseling support to intending couples.

This service unit exists to oversee the welfare initiatives of the church, targeted at church members who have committed to TICC. Welfare services provided by this unit is not just financial support, it also includes sound counsel and guidance, for persons going through challenging times.

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