Thrive Conference is the arsenal that propels leaders and emerging leaders to firm footing and relevance in their chosen fields.

An expression of The Inner Court Church, it has in its four years brought attendees in contact with subject matter experts and captains of industry, altering minds and transforming endeavours as a result.

The 2024 edition is guaranteed to blow you, your business and your career right through the roof. And if you have taken off, help you gain altitude.

My TICC Experience

TICC has been a massive blessing since the day I joined. I have learnt, grown, increased capacity and continue to do so. #TICC@5

- Pastor Jaycie

Thank God I joined TICC! Joining TICC completely changed my mindset, it underwent a significant transformation. It's as if I received a new mind, a fresh perspective on life. The LEAD (Leadership Empowerment And Development) sessions played a pivotal role in this change. God bless TICC! #TICC@5 #GainAltitude #Iamabeneficiary #Grow

- Peace Onyemaobi

At TICC, I uncover more than a space of reverence; it's a sanctuary for my soul. Each visit is a pilgrimage of peace, where the resonance of worship, praise songs and prayers soothes my spirit. Among kindred spirits, united in faith, I find solace and strength. Through uplifting sermons and shared fellowship, my TICC experience nourishes my spirituality and fosters a sense of belonging that transcends the pews. #TICC@5

- Mo Iluebbey

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